About us: how we are growing!

River of Flowers aims to inspire or initiate safe routes through cities for bees and other pollinators by creating floral forage trails or ‘rivers’ of wildflowers and wild flowering trees through urban landscapes, to design creative botanical solutions for pollinators and address air pollution issues in the urban environment.

River of Flowers designs creative botanical soutions for pollinators in cities such as a series of custom made hexagonal planters containing wild native plants providing forage for pollinators even on bare concrete spaces. The Honeycomb Trio is a group of three low and shallow hexagons planted with beautiful wildflower turf. Two or more Honeycomb Trios can be tessellated to form a small meadow. The Herb or Tree Solo is a single taller and deeper hexagon suitable for growing herbs or small shrubs and trees. Our most popular eco-product is the Seated Trio, a combination of both low and tall planters linked by a hexagonal seat. Our large hexagonal Grand Bee Hotels are nesting spaces for solitary bees. We also curate Wild Seed mixes each customised for different cities in the UK. 

River of Flowers launched our 'Growing Health' project this year, creating a healing Honeycomb Garden for patients and pollinators at York Hospital in late June and will be launching another healing Honeycomb Garden at the Royal Free Hospital, London supported by Awards for All in July and August. This will involve working with patients and staff in health care institutions such as clinics, hospitals and hospices to plant wildflowers for pollinators. Our next project will be 'Planting Air', which is designed to use bioindicators. e.g. lichens, mosses and ferns to gauge the level of air pollution in different parts of a city, and to provide botanical solutions by planting wild native meadows, shrubs and trees.

River of Flowers is an active partner with Buglife's project Urban Buzz aiming to create eight new Buzzing Cities in England and Wales for pollinators, transforming mown and unused urban sites into 200 hectares of rich and vibrant habitat for pollinating insects in local Buzzing Hotspots. Urban Buzz projects in Birmingham, Cardiff, Plymouth and York were started in 2015, and Bristol, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester will commence in 2017. There are Rivers of Flowers already in Bristol, Cardiff and York so if you have created any wildflower gardens in these cities, please add these Buzzing Hotspots to the Urban Buzz interactive map here. Our Honeycomb Meadow Trio and Seated Trio planters full of pollinator-friendly plants have been installed in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, London and York.

River of Flowers aims to develop links with other environmentally-conscious organisations to create more urban foraging and nesting places by working with artists, designers, engineers and scientists to bring art, science, engineering and urban ecology together in a way, which resonates with humans and non-humans in the city. See our new Facebook page Bees Beyond Borders for videos on bees: What's happening to the bees? All those who love wild bees and freedom are invited to join.

PLEASE CONTACT US at info@riverofflowers.org for further information.


Grow Your Own Health

River of Flowers latest project ‘Growing Health’ involves working with hospital patients and staff in caring for the natural world by planting wildflowers for urban pollinators.

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