Who we are

Poppy Nichol

Poppy Nicol is our link to River of Flowers Cardiff. She is a forest garden apprentice, with an interest in wild-design and (especially edible) plants and flowers. Based in Cardiff, she is researching orchards and pollinating planting collectives for ‘River of Flowers’. With a geography background, Poppy is passionate about the possibilities of nourishing and flourishing relational ecologies in the city and beyond. She has facilitated a range of gardening, foraging, grafting and tasting workshops and helped curate the Orchard Cardiff Story. Poppy has worked hard to get Cardiff organised as a River of Flowers City, contacting the local beekeeping network, the Welsh Butterfly Conservation group and a local gallery which curates the 'Made in Roath' festival each September, as well as the Milgi Cafe with its wildflower garden and the Riverside Farmers Market Garden. Her activities during 2014 included volunteering at a forest garden just outside of Cardiff, and taking a part time course at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Poppy has introduced River of Flowers to some of the National Botanic Garden of Wales projects: 'Plants for Health', 'Apothecary Bees' and 'Barcode Wales', which enables people to identify any plant species in Wales from the tiniest fragment of leaf, seed or pollen grain using DNA barcoding. Image of Field Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) by Alvesgaspar, Wikimedia Commons.