The Grand Honeycomb Bee Hotel

Wed, 04/05/2016 - 18:37

What makes a five-star Bee Hotel? Like any great hotel, it’s about prime location, the best interiors and the finest food. The hippest residents of the Grand Honeycomb Bee Hotel will be the cavity nesting, solitary bees looking for a place to check in during springtime. Having an adjoining restaurant of bee-friendly native wildflowers is an attraction because these gentle bees prefer not to forage too far.

The Grand Honeycomb Bee Hotel, designed by River of Flowers, is a huge hexagonal bee hotel which can interlink with other bee hotels. It's another of our Honeycomb Meadow designs to provide environmental solutions for bees in the city, and it can be accompanied by a vertical hanging Honeycomb Meadow of specially curated wild trailing plants as well as our horizontal Honeycomb Meadow planters of wildflowers and flowering trees. The bees will have plenty to hum about!

We will keep you posted as to where the Grand Bee Hotel will pop up next!